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Stay Wealthy Retirement Show

Oct 29, 2019

Perth Tolle is the founder of Life and Liberty Indexes.

And she allocates over 50% of her hard-earned money to emerging markets.

But why?

Why invest in emerging markets at all?

Why invest overseas if the U.S. stock market has done so well? And what are emerging markets anyways?

We are answering all this and more in...

Oct 15, 2019

There are roughly 69 million Social Security beneficiaries in the U.S.

And these beneficiaries will be witnessing a few changes to their Social Security benefits in 2020.

But some working professionals who aren't even close to claiming Social Security benefits will also be experiencing a change.

In today's episode, I'm...

Oct 1, 2019

Without question, you have heard of Exchange Traded Funds, also commonly referred to as ETFs.

It's a complex topic so I brought in the best person I know to help us break it down, in plain English. 

Ryan Kirlin is the Head of Capital Markets for Alpha Architect. He's also a national-caliber rowing athlete and his claim...