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Stay Wealthy Retirement Show

Apr 23, 2020

This is a quick reminder about the FREE investing webinar I’m hosting with our friends at Dimensional Funds on April 30th.

To register, just go to

Again, there are no strings attached here.

This is purely for educational purposes only and my chance for me to help get good information in...

Apr 21, 2020

I've partnered with Dimensional Funds (a $450 billion asset manager) to host a FREE webinar on April 30th.

We will be addressing the recent market volatility + what you can do as a retirement investor to weather this storm.

There are no strings attached. This is a FREE webinar for educational purposes only.

To register,...

Apr 7, 2020

Today I'm joined by Cullen Roche who is best known for his work on monetary economics and portfolio construction. 

I asked Cullen to join us and share his unique take on what’s happening in the financial markets today.


  • Where we might be headed
  • What retirement investors can do in response
  • The impacts of...

Apr 2, 2020

Jan van Eck is the CEO of VanEck, a $50 billion asset manager (as of 2019).

Last month, Jan's team became concerned about the global markets.

COVID-19 was (and still is) causing economic uncertainty...and the markets hate uncertainty.

In today's episode, Jan breaks down:

  • The current state of the global financial...