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Stay Wealthy Retirement Show

Aug 31, 2021

Today I’m wrapping up our retirement income series by talking about Dynamic Withdrawal Strategies.

Dynamic strategies are designed to:

  1. Maximize retirement income
  2. Greatly lower the chance of running out of money
  3. Combat inflation and maintain purchasing power

If you want to learn about dynamic withdrawal strategies,...

Aug 24, 2021

Today I'm talking about immediate annuities and dividend stocks as potential retirement income solutions.

Specifically, I'm sharing the what, why, and how behind each strategy.

I'm also sharing their pros + cons.

If you want to find out if annuities and dividends will solve your retirement paycheck puzzle, you're going...

Aug 17, 2021

Today I'm breaking down the 4% rule.

Specifically, I'm sharing:

  • A brief history of the rule
  • Why the creator doesn't follow it
  • The pros and cons

I'm also sharing how you might take the current environment into consideration when using the 4% rule. 

If you want to understand the most popular retirement income strategy...

Aug 10, 2021

Today I'm kicking off a multi-part series on creating a reliable income stream in retirement.

To help set the stage for this series, Michael Kitces drops in to share why most retirees will NEVER draw down their portfolio.

In fact, he shares how the 4% rule is more likely to quintuple wealth than deplete it over...

Aug 3, 2021

Today I'm talking about car ownership. 

Specifically, I'm sharing:

  • The Total Lifetime Cost of Owning a Car
  • How Buying New Can Cost the Same as Buying Used
  • Why Leasing a Car Isn't Always the Wrong Decision

I also let you in on a little secret about my personal approach to car ownership. 😲

If you want to better...