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Stay Wealthy Retirement Show

Mar 3, 2020

Today we're breaking down rent vs. buy with Jeremy Schnider, founder of Personal Finance Club.

You've probably heard people say: "if you rent, you're just throwing your money away every month!"

Or... "owning a home is a safe investment."

And yeah, there might be some truth to those statements. 

But they don't tell the whole story.

In my experience, doing the math and running the numbers is more helpful. 

Also, as Jeremy shares, rent vs. buy is probably the wrong question altogether.  

Join us today as we take a look at some real-life numbers.

We also share:

  • What the right questions are when making a real estate decision
  • How to approach rent vs. buy in retirement
  • Jeremy's two-step plan to retire in 12 years!  

If you want to learn how to make smart real estate decisions, you'll love today's episode.   

(Plus: Jeremy, a multi-millionaire, shares some actionable retirement & investing tips you don't want to miss.)