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Stay Wealthy Retirement Show

Jul 26, 2023

What separates a good investment from a bad one?

How do you evaluate different investment options?

Why are some very well-known metrics flawed and problematic?

I'm answering these questions + sharing a personal story that caused me to change my approach when giving opinions about different asset classes. 


Jul 12, 2023

Last year, I published an episode titled, 5 Reasons Not to Do a Roth Conversion. 

The 5 reasons shared were:

1️⃣ - Shadow taxes 

2️⃣ - No undo button 

3️⃣ - Lack of cash flow to pay the tax bill 

4️⃣ - You just don’t want to :) 

5️⃣ - Future charitable giving goals

Today I'm sharing three (more)...